How To Format Your News Release

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The correct formatting creates a professional, news or press release that is automatically more media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. How you present your news is just as important as your content. Follow these formatting guidelines to best use PRWeb’s distribution platform. For additional content recommendations, also see how to write a successful press release.

Initial Case: Your headline should be written in initial case, with the first letter of each word capitalized. Exceptions to this include words less than three characters and prepositions.

ALL CAPS: It is considered bad form to submit a press release entirely in upper case letters, or ALL CAPS. In the unlikely event that your release passes through PRWeb’s editorial review process, it will be ignored by journalists and many readers. In addition, avoid using ALL CAPS to create emphasis on certain words or phrases, as this is a red flag that your release is an advertisement or spam. Always use mixed case when formatting your news release.

Summary: Include a one paragraph summary, ideally two to three sentences in length. Some distribution points will only display your headline, summary and a link to your news release, so if your press release does not have a summary paragraph, you may reduce the effectiveness of your news since readers will not be enticed to click through to the full release.

Dateline: Your press release body should begin with a dateline, which looks like this:
City, State (PRWEB) Day, Month and Year. Including the city and town related to your news is optional, but helpful for readers. The date should reflect the date of distribution for your release.

Spacing: Each paragraph should have natural line wraps, not forced line breaks. Leave one line break between each paragraph.  It’s not necessary to include dashes, asterisks or other symbols to separate sections in your release.

Grammar: Be sure your news or press release follows the accepted rules of grammar and style. Grammatical and punctuation errors affect your credibility. PRWeb editors will hold your press release from distribution until you fix excessive errors.

HTML: PRWeb does not support embedded HTML or other markup languages. Your news or press release will be distributed over a wide array of networks and including such formatting will negatively impact the readability of your press release.

Link Spam: To avoid link spam, include no more than one link per 100 words of your release. These links include both anchor text links and active URL hyperlinks.

Ticker Symbols: Unless you have express written permission to use another company’s ticker symbol, don’t include it in your release.

Lists: We have found that long lists may cause your release to be rejected from the news search engines. To avoid this, limit your use of listed items.

Graphs and Charts: Attach graphs and charts to your release by converting them to images or PDFs and attach them to your press release, because graphs and charts in will not display properly if they are in the text of your news release

Length: It is nearly impossible to announce your news in a few sentences. If you do not have more than a few sentences, you may not have a newsworthy item. We recommend release lengths between 300 and 800 words in paragraph form.

E-mail Address: To protect you from spam, PRWeb offers you a location in the press release template to include your contact information, including your email address. If you include your e-mail address in the body of your press release, it will be written over with a message that indicates the address has been protected from spam bots. Spiders routinely scour the Internet to harvest e-mail addresses for spammers; this precaution has been added for your protection. Provide your e-mail address only in the space(s) provided during the submission process.

Learn to craft the perfect release by following the expert tips in our free Guide to Writing News Releases:

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